WoodchippingThere is always a large amount of green waste at the end of a tree job, this will include:

  • Logs and timber
  • Brash and rakings
  • Woodchip or mulch

We always discuss with the client, before any work commences, what is to happen with the arisings and green waste from the job, these arrangements will be summarised within the written quotation. Some of our clients choose to keep the waste produced from their job. The most common request is to keep the timber so it can be used for firewood, or occasionally for woodturning or carving and on rare occasions timber is kept for planking. Some clients may prefer us to leave brash on site, either to use as kindling or to provide a wildlife habitat for their garden. Woodchip is often kept by our customers for use on paths or on borders as a suppressant for weeds and to retain moisture in the ground. Alternatively, we can arrange for all green waste and woodchip to be removed, leaving the site clean and tidy.